Meeting 2016

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This international Conference is being organized every other year by the study group „RNA Biochemistry“ of the German Society for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (GBM), in order to support international exchange and research of German groups in the RNA field. The study group RNA Biochemistry was founded during a GBM meeting in Bochum and conceived as a forum and platform for RNA scientists from Germany and neighboring countries. Since its foundation in 2001, the study group has gained several hundred members with the current count being near five hundred.

The „RNA Biochemistry“ conference is intentionally open to all areas of RNA research, and features modern topics in form of a workshop. Previous workshop topics were RNA and Disease (2002), Riboswitches (2004), MicroRNAs (2006), Single Molecule Techniques (2008), Deep Sequencing and Bioinformatics on RNA (2010), RNA Trafficking (2012) and RNA Modification (2014). In 2016, the workshop “Extracellular RNA” is intended to provide new impulses and foster cooperation in this area among the participants.

RNA Biochemistry Meeting 2016 & Workshop ‘Extracellular RNA’

06.10.2016-09.10.2016, CjD Haus, Bonn


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